Dr Warren Muller’s passion for cardiology began from childhood, as he became fascinated with the workings of the heart muscle. Since then, he has worked to develop a niche in the field.

Dr Muller matriculated from Westering High School and attained his Medical Degree from the University of Cape Town. He has experience working at Livingstone, Groote Schuur and Tygerberg Hospital.

In 2017, Dr Muller completed his Fellowship of the College of Physicians of South Africa from the College of Medicine of South Africa. He has also completed a Master's in Internal Medicine. Shortly after, he undertook a three-year fellowship at Tygerberg Hospital affiliated with Stellenbosch University to obtain his certificate in Cardiology from the College of Medicine of South Africa. In addition, Dr Muller is currently studying to complete his Master’s in philosophy in Cardiology. He plans on completing his PhD in Cardiology in the near future, focusing on high cholesterol in South Africa. Presently, Dr Muller trains medical students and doctors hoping to pursue the same route. Key research areas include valvular heart disease, cardiomyopathies, hypercholesterolemia, stent restenosis and thrombosis and coronary atherosclerosis.

Dr Muller specialises in treating congenital and acquired heart disease, which includes structural defects of the heart.

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