The following frequently asked questions (FAQ) provide insight into Dr Warren Muller’s services.

What does a cardiologist specialise in doing?

A cardiologist is a specialist physician who has specialised further in the heart. As an experienced cardiologist, Dr Muller diagnoses and treats a wide range of diseases of the heart, including blocked blood vessels affecting the blood supply to the heart. He performs coronary interventions with a keen interest in structural and coronary interventions. Part of cardiology is managing diseases that may affect the heart including hypertension and diabetes. Cardiologist inserts implantable devices including pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators.

What does interventional cardiology entail?

Interventional cardiology is a subspecialty that involves implementing catheter-based techniques to clear the build-up of plaque in the arteries and promote blood flow to the heart. Structural interventions include repairing defects such as a hole in the heart or valvular interventions including percutaneous valve replacement and valvuloplasty.

Can a high cholesterol diet increase the risk of cardiovascular disease?

High cholesterol results in fatty plaque build-up in your arteries which may cause a blockage leading to a heart attack. Those at risk should have a yearly lipogram to assess cholesterol levels.

What foods contribute to heart disease?

Highly processed foods that contain excess salt, sugar and saturated fat and red meat, fizzy drinks, pizza, bread, white rice, and coconut oil can lead to cardiovascular disease. In addition, eating refined carbohydrates can lead to stroke or a heart attack.

What is the best way to strengthen your heart muscle?

Exercising at least thirty minutes a day by walking, jogging, playing tennis, swimming and engaging in any other aerobic exercise can help maintain your heart health. Try to lose weight and quit smoking immediately. Also, avoid stressful situations and stick to a healthy, balanced diet.

Do I need a referral to see Dr Muller?

No referral is necessary.

What are my payment options?

Payment options include EFT transfer, card machine or cash.

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